Chapter 14. Regression Tests

Table of Contents
14.1. Introduction
14.2. Running the Tests
14.3. Test Evaluation
14.3.1. Error message differences
14.3.2. Locale differences
14.3.3. Date and time differences
14.3.4. Floating-point differences
14.3.5. Polygon differences
14.3.6. Row ordering differences
14.3.7. The "random" test
14.4. Platform-specific comparison files

14.1. Introduction

The regression tests are a comprehensive set of tests for the SQL implementation in PostgreSQL. They test standard SQL operations as well as the extended capabilities of PostgreSQL. The test suite was originally developed by Jolly Chen and Andrew Yu, and was extensively revised and repackaged by Marc Fournier and Thomas Lockhart. From PostgreSQL 6.1 onward the regression tests are current for every official release.